Homeless Man Finds Something On The Street That Changes His Fortune Forever

Homeless Man Finds Something On The Street That Changes His Fortune Forever

A dollar bill, a forgotten glove, a losing lottery ticket — most of the stuff we find on the sidewalk amounts to nothing. But in the back of our minds, when we spot that little scrap of paper in the middle of the street, butterflies kick in ’cause we’re hoping for that Charlie Bucket golden ticket twist of fate that will change life as we know it.

A homeless man who lived on the streets of New Haven, Connecticut, felt completely stuck in a pattern of poverty. But one morning, he found something that made him choose between doing the right thing and snatching his own proverbial golden ticket. His choice started a chain reaction he never saw coming!

Winters in New England are hard for most people. No one likes having to contend with the notoriously brutal conditions — especially not a guy like Elmer Alvarez.

See, Elmer was homeless. The freezing winds and the snow piles that accumulate faster than snowplows can keep sweep ’em away were more dangerous to him than a guy in a heated home, car, and office.

Still, he already had several winters in New Haven under his belt, so he understood the difficulties of the months ahead. Times had been worse for Elmer, despite his current situation. 


Drug addiction had led Elmer down a difficult path. Even though he didn’t have a stable place to rest his head each night, he managed to kick his addictions by attending NA meetings. Talk about beating the odds! 

Unfortunately, finding a way out of being homeless constantly tormented him; getting yourself off the streets is much easier said than done. But pacing the familiar streets on one chilly November morning, Elmer walked right up to an opportunity…


Right in the center of the path was a bit a paper. Most people walking by wouldn’t give the scrap a second glance, but Elmer stopped and examined the forgotten note.

It wasn’t a discarded receipt or a bit of trash: the paper was a freshly signed check. Air whooshed from his lungs when his eyes landed on the amount written on the line…

The amount of the check was a stunning $10,000. With it endorsed and ready to go, Elmer could’ve transformed his life with that kind of cheddar! No one was around, nothing was stopping him from running to the nearest bank.

But taking the money never crossed Elmer’s mind, not for a second. He turned the check over and, low and behold, a phone number was in fact listed on the back. 

Elmer walked the streets until he finally managed to track down a friend with a cellphone. As a Spanish speaker, he had his friend make the call to the check’s addressee. 

At the same time, in an office a few blocks away, a prominent businesswoman heard her phone ring. Roberta Hoskie, a self-made real estate magnate, was CEO and President of both Outreach Realty Services and Outreach School of Real Estate. She answered the call.


On the other line, Elmer’s friend explained that his friend found her substantial check and wanted to return it to her. Roberta was floored. Had she really lost something so important? 

She rifled through her bag, not believing it was possible, only to quickly realize he was right. Shocked that someone was kind enough to reach out, she agreed to meet him immediately.

 Once on the street, Roberta opened Facebook Live to document the resolution of the stranger’s good deed. She spotted Elmer and his friend, and couldn’t thank them enough for doing the right thing. 


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